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Montréal is fun, sexy, and sophisticated. It’s a city with charisma, a place with flair. Even the people who live here think so. Is it the mix of French and North American cultures that is so appealing? Is it Montréal’s tumultuous past as a battleground between English and French? Or is it just the great food and pulsing night and the generally hedonistic ways of modern Montréalers? Actually, it’s the combination of these and other qualities that give the city its unique beat. Montréal has seen some dark days. A little over a decade ago, the economy was in a slump, political tensions were at their peak, and morale hit rock bottom. It wasn’t pretty. But the city made an amazing about-face — which means now is a great time to visit Montréal. The economy has seen a remarkable upturn in the last five years, so the city boasts more great restaurants, clubs, and attractions than ever. The city’s festivals are getting bigger and more glamorous every year, attracting an amazing array of talent. Tensions between English and French feel like ancient history now. And, best of all, this cultural and economic germination is really putting Montréalers in a good mood.