In so many ways, TV has never been better. The shows are amazing. Live sports and news coverage go beyond anything you might have imagined. The options are almost dizzying. And the way you watch has evolved with apps. Apps give you control over what, when, and where you want to watch. But something happened as we marched into this exciting new era. The overall TV experience got left behind. Apple TV simplifies it all. It’s designed for you to easily navigate and, most important, fully enjoy this new world of video apps. Apple TV is all you need for the way you watch today.

Apple tv

The TV app. Now showing on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

It’s the first place you go to start watching on your TV, but the TV app is also on your iOS devices. So regardless of whether you’re watching on your TV, iPhone, or iPad, your TV experience goes with you — so you never miss a moment.

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There’s more to TV than just watching TV.

Conquer alien planets or drive in the Indy 500 right from your couch. Use your rug as a yoga mat. Or go house hunting in your pajamas. Apple TV brings you completely new experiences made just for the living room.

Save the runaway toad from the demented princess. Or sing along to your favorite songs with friends. With so many ways to play, you won’t want to stop.

From the ABCs to the SATs, education apps on Apple TV help you transform the learning process into an immersive experience.

Bring the gym into your living room. Burn calories. Tone it up. And stay active with the help of health and fitness apps on Apple TV.

Stay up on the latest trends in fashion. Search for your next home or recipes for your next dinner party. Whatever your passion, Apple TV has you covered.



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Aplle TV
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